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Suburb Photos - Bicton

The present suburb of "Bicton" once comprised 4 grants taken up in 1830 by Alfred Waylen, Joseph Cooper, William Habgood and John Hole Duffield respectively. Bicton was the name of Duffield's estate in his home village in South Devon, England. The vineyard he established upon his death in 1859 was also given this name.

One of the biggest attractions of the suburb is that it is adjacent to the Point Walter reserve, a stunning viewpoint to watch the Swan River flow by, especially from the Point Walter Cafe. It's one of Perth's favourite kite surf locations, and there's also an excellent public golf course.

With cycle/walkways along Blackwall Reach to Fremantle (via an obligatory stop at the Left Bank pub) or to Port Beach, Bicton is a great location.

The suburb is well served by two groups of local shops/restaurants as well as those along Canning Highway and a large area of shops/warehouses (such as Bunnings) are only a few minutes away between Leach Highway and Marmion. Fremantle is a short distance and can be reached by road along the riverside without passing through any traffic lights. A bus service through the suburb connects it with Perth City and Fremantle and 2 other routes along Canning Highway are also available.