Vacate Cleaning Guide

Helpful Information to Ensure a Stress Free End of Tenancy
The following items will be checked for cleanliness at the Final Bond Inspection:-
General – All Rooms
  • Any marks on the walls to be wiped clean. Note: please do not patch / paint walls
  • Windows inside and out to be cleaned, window tracks to be wiped or vacuumed, sills
  • cleaned.
  • All blinds, curtains to be cleaned.
  • All cupboards, wardrobes, shelves drawers cleaned inside and outside.
  • All floors are to be washed and skirtings dusted
  • All carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a copy of the invoice sent to the office.
  • All light fittings are to be cleaned and bugs removed. Globes replaced if not working.
  • Cobwebs (internal and external) to be removed.
  • Air conditioner filters to be cleaned
  • Stove, grill, oven and drip trays to be cleaned.
  • Rangehood and exhaust fans to be cleaned.
  • Dishwasher filter emptied and internal wiped clean
  • All cupboards, bench-tops and drawers to be cleaned (under cutlery tray, in and outside of cupboards and doors).
  • Walls to be cleaned of any grease residue or accumulated grime.
  • Sinks and wastes to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Floors to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  Vanities (inside and out) to be clean, tiles and grout to be clean.
  •  Shower recess and screens to be scrubbed and grouting to be free of soaps, residue and   mildew. Shower curtains to be clean.
  •  Walls cleaned of marks and mildew.
  •  Clean toilet inside and out and any pipe work.
  •  Air-vents and exhaust fans to be cleaned in bathroom and toilets.
  •  Sinks and wastes to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  Toilets to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  Floors to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  All cupboards, bench-tops and drawers to be cleaned (in and outside of cupboards and  doors).
  •  Sinks and wastes to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  Floors to be cleaned thoroughly
  •  Flyscreens need to be clear of dust, dirt and holes/tears
  •  Flyscreen doors to be clear of dust, dirt and holes/tears
  •  Outside entertainment areas and sheds to be clean, weed and cobweb free.
  •  Lawns to be mowed, edges trimmed, weeds to be removed from garden beds, paths, driveways, pebble areas.
  •  Driveways, carports, garages and all concrete areas are to be oil and grease stain free, if possible, pressure cleaned if necessary.
  •  Sheds to be empty, clean and cobweb free.
  •  Rubbish and recycling bins to be left empty and any extra rubbish removed.
  •  Swimming pool and necessary cleaning equipment that is supplied must be cleaned and in working order.
*Note, if pets have resided at the property, receipt for fumigation by a professional pest company
is required.
As per your signed lease agreement we remind that you are required to have all carpets and rugs
professionally steam cleaned throughout upon vacating the property. You are also required to
provide a copy of your receipt to your agency on return of your keys.
Please advise the following utility and service companies of your vacate date and new address
Utilities Companies
Gas – Alinta Gas / Kleenhart
Electricity – Synergy
Communication Co – Telstra, Optus etc
Service Companies
Pool Service Co, Lawn Mowing Service, Garden Bag Service
Post Office Address Re-Directing Service – Please note after you vacate the property, all mail
delivered by Australia Post will be ‘Returned to Sender’. Neither Jacky Ladbrook Real Estate nor
the new tenant is responsible for any mail that is delivered once you have vacated.
92 Moreing Road
Attadale, WA 6156